We use only the most professional and effective tinting product for our lash and brow tinting. The tint is vegetable oil based, so it is a very natural product and was developed specifically to be used around the eye area. The tint can be mixed together so we can create the perfect color for your lashes or brows. You will have fuller looking brows or lashes with great color depth.
• Brow Tint $20
• Lash Tint $30

Stay up on your tinting and purchase a series. Purchase five and receive the sixth one complimentary.

• Brow Tinting Series $100
• Lash Tinting Series $150


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Discover Sage Spa Experiences

We believe in handcrafting authentic spa experiences for each and every guest. Our menu of spa experiences is simple, which allows us to purely customize your experience based on your individual needs and your true authentic self. In all spa experiences, we use Sageborn products which are essential oil based, 100% pure all made here in Montana. Discover all of our spa categories:

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Sageborn is essential oil based, 100% natural and handcrafted at the Old Soul Ranch at the base of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana. It was created to heal the skin and calm the mind through the power of plant and flower oils. Sageborn products are used in every spa experience at Sage.

We believe that vibrant skin is achievable at any age with healing skin care products used in combination with daily lifestyle rituals inspired by Montana's simple connection to nature.



“I used to not really have brows but with the brow tinting, my brows look thicker and more defined. Thank you so much for providing this lovely service!”

Nancy, guest

“I came in to have my lashes tinted before my wedding and I was so pleased with the results! My tint lasted about 5 weeks. It was perfect for heading on my honeymoon too! No mascara needed. “

Barb, guest

“So happy that I had my lashes tinted!  Perfect for my long vacation and not having to worry about wearing mascara.”

Lynne, guest


A gift card to Sage is the perfect gift. They can be used for any of our Sage goods or spa experiences. You can purchase them for any amount or even for a specific experience. We will email the recipient their gift card, or you can call us and we will mail it to them.

FAQ About Tinting

What are some of the benefits of brow and lash tinting?

Lash tinting gives your lashes a thicker, more prominent look and you do not have to wear mascara. Brow tinting defines your brows and will make them appear thicker, which will help enhance your natural facial features. Lash and brow tinting is waterproof, so you can shower, swim, and workout without applying makeup before or after.

Do I need to remove my contacts before a lash tinting appointment?

It is not necessary to remove them before, however we do provide contact cases and contact solution for any guest who would prefer to take them out.

How long does the tinting last?

On average, tinting can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.

Can I come wearing eye makeup to my tinting appointment?

Yes, we will remove any eye makeup before application if needed. However, please refrain from wearing waterproof mascara.