Soothe your body, mind and spirit while enjoying restoration, balance and serenity in the Sage Yoga experiences. We begin the private session with the Sage signature aromatherapy foot soak and foot scrub before moving into our private yoga room for a journey into relaxation and health. Through your practice, you will experience asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), movement and meditation. A focus on correct alignment will help to stretch and strengthen your body while helping to relieve stress, aches and pain. We end your practice with a grounding chakra balance through the placement of smooth, hot stones on the major energy points which will bring equilibrium and harmony into your body. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed! Sage Spa Yoga is perfect on its own or pair with any other Sage Spa experience for a truly harmonizing experience! You are able to purchase yoga mats at Sage or through our online store. We will provide you with a yoga mat if you do not have your own.

• Sage Private Yoga Session 30 Minutes ($45) 60 Minutes ($60) 90 Minutes ($90)
• Sage Private Pre-Natal Yoga Session 30 Minutes ($45) 60 Minutes ($60) 90 Minutes ($90)


Stay connected with your yoga practice and purchase a series. Purchase five and receive the sixth one complimentary.

  • 30 Minute Sage Yoga Series $225
  • 60 Minute Sage Yoga Series $300
  • 90 Minute Sage Yoga Series $450
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Discover Sage Spa Experiences

We believe in handcrafting authentic spa experiences for each and every guest. Our menu of spa experiences is simple, which allows us to purely customize your experience based on your individual needs and your true authentic self. In all spa experiences, we use Sageborn products which are essential oil based, 100% pure all made here in Montana. Discover all of our spa categories:

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Sageborn is essential oil based, 100% natural and handcrafted at the Old Soul Ranch at the base of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana. It was created to heal the skin and calm the mind through the power of plant and flower oils. Sageborn products are used in every spa experience at Sage.

We believe that vibrant skin is achievable at any age with healing skin care products used in combination with daily lifestyle rituals inspired by Montana's simple connection to nature.



“I am so happy I booked a private session at Sage! I feel confident now to head into a class setting. Thank you!”

Faith, guest

“My mom and I came together for the private yoga session and it was such a wonderful bonding experience. We feel great and really enjoyed the one on one attention.”

Anna, guest

“This was quite the experience. My yoga artist made me feel so comfortable-she guided me through my own little peaceful journey.”

Lisa, guest


A gift card to Sage is the perfect gift. They can be used for any of our Sage goods or spa experiences. You can purchase them for any amount or even for a specific experience. We will email the recipient their gift card, or you can call us and we will mail it to them.

FAQ About Yoga

What are the benefits of private yoga at Sage Spa?

Booking a private yoga session has many benefits. There is the one on one connection, the ability to have attention focused on your breath and your alignment, and a customized practice created specifically for you. One of the truly wonderful benefits is being able to incorporate your yoga practice into a spa day: a day of healing which could include private yoga followed by massage or a facial… or whatever your ideal spa day would include!

Where do we do private yoga?

We have a beautiful space created for your private yoga experience. Softly lit candles, inspiring yoga mats to enhance the practice, music to sooth and re-connect the soul. Intimate, peaceful and inspiring.  There is enough space to accommodate up to 3 guests.

What happens in a private yoga session?

You will begin your experience with a relaxing foot soak and scrub in our quiet room before entering into your private yoga studio. There you will enjoy a blend of asana, mudra, meditation, chanting, aromatherapy and the use of warm stones during savasana. Your experience is customized and created specifically to your desired focus: flexibility, relaxation, strength, relief of stress, guided meditation. You will do a consultation with your yoga artist to specify these needs.  All in all, a truly unique yoga experience.